Friday, March 27, 2009

furniture tomorrow!

I am writing this with much excitement because I just talked to the lady and our FURNITURE IS HERE!! Woohoo! I am very excited and can't wait to go pick it up! I will be posting pics soon, even though we don't have any idea what bedding we will get, how we will decorate the nursery, or, for that matter, even the sex of our baby yet!

We are now counting down the days until Tuesday at 2:30pm...when we finally find out what the baby is. I feel like all my friends who are around the "same amount of pregnant" (does that make sense?) as I am have known FOREVER, but I am trying to be patient....Please say a prayer as I am still very nervous about everything working right, being in the right spot, and the baby just being healthy.

Last night we had a great dinner with our "supper club" friends. Polly and Matthew (sis and brother in law) cooked a great New Orleans style dinner of shrimp and grits with asparagus. They love New Orleans, so we can always expect something Cajun-style at their house. Polly is a phenomenal cook, so we are never disappointed when we eat at their house. (I, on the other hand, not so much...Hamburger helper, bertolli, and spaghetti are still my claims to fame.) It's a work in progress.

If you watched the Memphis game last night and are a Memphis fan, you know that the night did not end on the best note. Our friends Ethan and Emily who are die-hard Memphis fans are in supper club with us and were decked out in Tiger Blue. Emily even brought her blue pom-poms to help cheer them on. (I'm not sure if those were the ones she took off her mailbox or her entertainment center or just extra ones she has around the house.) Regardless, I know the loss was tragic for them....There's always next year, guys....

Have a great weekend!

Until next time....

Monday, March 23, 2009

my weekend

First of all, I just want to say how much I love my mom and mother-in-law. They came over Saturday and worked their fingers to the bone cleaning out our nursery. You might think, cleaning out the nursery, what's the big deal about that? Well, our nursery was completely FULL of wedding gifts, my china, my old school books, Chad's work things, filing cabinets, etc,etc. It was so jam-packed that we could not even walk through it. Not to mention, they also helped me clean out my closets (an ordeal in itself) to make room for maternity clothes and take out all the too small clothes (or ones that will be this summer.) Since I am somewhat of a packrat, I find myself "cleaning out my closet" very frequently, but usually only end up with 2 0r 3 things that I am willing to part with. The presence of my mother helped tremendously with my packratness!
Also on their to do list was cleaning my bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, buying me lunch and dinner (yum...Colton's fried pickles) and who knows what else they did while I was "resting" on the couch for a bit. They are absolutely god-sends, and we feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive pair of women in our lives!

So, with the nursery so empty, it made me antsy to get it ready for baby. So...yesterday, I ordered the furniture! I ended up going with the Morgan collection in espresso (dark wood), and now we are just waiting on it to arrive! It is all becoming so much more of a reality now, and we are counting down the months before he or she arrives!

One downside of the weekend...I got a ticket on Sunday crossing the bridge, so don't speed if you are in between West Memphis and the Memphis bridge. There is apparently one mile in that stretch where the speed limit is not 65, but 55, and the Arkansas State Police finds that it can meet their quota for tickets for the month there, but whatever....My apologies if you or one of your family members work for them. I'm just a little ticked about the whole incident.

If you are off on spring break this week, I am jealous, but hope you have a great week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

still working on it....

Hey all!

Well as you can see, I have been working on the blog layout. It is still not exactly where I want it, but I will get there. Thanks Paula for directing me to the sites, I think I just need to play around some more with them!

Countdown to finding out the sex of the baby stands at T-minus 1 week and 3 days! Yay! We absolutely cannot wait. When they do this ultrasound, the doctor says they will be primarily checking to make sure all the organs are functioning where they should be, the heart has 4 chambers, etc, etc. So please say a prayer for us that our sweet little one is making good progress! Chad and I have grown quite fond of calling the baby "Lil Baby G" but maybe when we find out the sex we will actually call it by it's name...after we get that figured out.

We also picked out our nursery furniture this week, sortof....Actually, I'm still trying to decide between two, so any input is appreciated! Whatever we order, it will be in espresso (dark brown). I was IN LOVE with the different colored sets (pink, green changing table) but my mom tried to bring me back to reality by explaining that we will be needing to re-use this furniture and pink furniture is not practical for a boy and vice versa....So once we decide on one of these, we plan on ordering it after my mom and I get the nursery cleaned out this weekend.

If you can't see the furniture in the pictures, they are here. One is the Tori collection and the other is the Morgan collection. Also, if anyone has heard bad things about their furniture, please let me know! I want to get something that is good quality as well as affordable. I am finding out that babies are VERY expensive, before they even get here!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy first day of spring!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First ever blog

Ok, so for the record, I would just like to say that I have been trying to make my blog look pretty for, um, about 10 days now. I just can't get it! I found a really cute template that I wanted to use, but after getting it onto this site, half of my original (ugly) template was popping through! So, I just decided I would go ahead and post and maybe someone will feel sorry for me and help me make it pretty! (please...??)

I have been reading several other people's blogs for some time now, and after finding out that we are expecting in August, I thought that this would be a great way to share our lives and pictures with friends and family that we might not get to see as often as we like. So here it is!

First of all, since the date of my inaugural blog just happens to fall on the night after "The Bachelor" finale, I feel obligated to contribute my two cents about this 3 hour world-changing event. I have watched this show religiously since the start of this season, and just knew that my favorite sweet southern girl Melissa was a shew in. Well, she was, and Jason proposed to her, only to change his mind six weeks later and decide to go back to Molly. Yowza! I definitely didnt see that coming. But let's face it, this man HAS been married, divorced, on the television show The Bachelorette, proposed to the Bachelorette, on the Bachelor, proposed again on The Bachelor, and changed his mind all within a relatively short time period. It is exhausting to think what he has been through. I would probably make poor decisions had I gone through all this as well. I think he just might be a bit confused.... I did decide to boycott this series for good, but that will be only after I watch the who knows how long "The Bachelor After the Final Rose, Part 2" tonight. Who knows what will happen?? It is definitely high class entertainment.....

Until next time.....