Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 weeks old...wow!

Hey....this is a post I started SEVERAL weeks ago, but I wanted to go ahead and post and say that I am working on a new one with updated pictures :)

It is so hard to believe that Gavin is now 6 1/2 weeks old! The past 6 weeks has been such a fun, exciting, life-changing time and we are so in love with our little man. I go back to work on the 12th and I thought this 8 weeks would give me plenty of time to get in a routine, work out (or stroll with Gavin), keep the house cleaned, put Gavin in lots of cute little outfits and take pictures of him, make trips to visit other friends with infants, update the blog at least weekly,but so far NOT ONE of those things has happened. Seriously. :) I mean, I know I have always had poor time management skills, but I don't really feel like this is because of my lack of those....

Gavin is such a good baby, but we are experiencing a slight problem-he never wants to be put down. I know some of you will say, just put him down and let him cry it out....we've tried it, he will scream for hours and turn beet red and sweat so much I think he might have a stroke if I dont pick him up...We are definitely open to suggestions if you all have any!

As I type this, he is asleep in the swing with it going full blast with the sound machine turned on high right beside him. He does well with this part of the time and I am grateful for the time that he does enjoy it and go to sleep.

I am going to try and post alot of pictures since there are NONE of him outside the womb on the blog.